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Homemade Sausage Making Recipes
Pork    |    Pork & Beef (Veal)    |    Beef (Veal)    |     Game   |    Fish   |    Poultry    |    Lamb    |    Other

  Most of the recipes below that use pork just list ground pork as an ingredient. Most sausage makers use either pork shoulder butt or NY style picnic shoulder, this is what the recipe calls for. A blade roast works fine for smaller amounts of sausage. Unless stated in the recipe otherwise, a coarse grind is used.

Is sausage making as tough as it seems? Do you have to add extra fat to sausage? Where do I get casings? Discuss these any any other sausage making topics on our Sausage Making Discussion Board. Please feel free to ask OR answer any questions, it's open to all!

Fuelled on passion and a commitment to quality, The Casing Boutique produces smaller quantities of top-end natural sausage casings. We make sure your bangers are the best-dressed in town!

American Farm Sausage #1
American Farm Sausage #2
American Farm Sausage #3
American Farm Sausage #4
Andouille Sausage #1 * our favourite version
Andouille Sausage #2
Andouille Sausage #3
Andouille Sausage #4

Andouille Sausage #5
Andouille Sausage #6
Andouille Sausage #7
Bockwurst #2 See Pork & Beef for another recipe
Boudin Blanc
Bratwurst #1  See Pork & Beef, & Poultry for other recipes
Breakfast Sausage #1
Breakfast Sausage #2
Breakfast Sausage #3
Apple, Sage & Fennel Breakfast Sausage
Cantalupo Sausage
Caraway Sausage
Chorizo Sausage #1 (Hot) * our favourite version
Chorizo Sausage #2  See Pork & Beef for another recipe
Cotechino Sausage

Cotechino Sausage #2
Currywurst Sausage
English Bangers #2  See Pork & Beef for other recipes
Garlic & Pepper Sausage

Hungarian Style Sausage
Hungarian Sausage (Authentic)
Hunter Sausage
Irish Sausage #1
Irish Sausage #2
Irish Sausage #3
Habanero Sausage
Hot Italian Sausage * Our #1 favorite recipe on the whole site!!!
Italian Fennel Sausage
 See Poultry for an Italian Style Turkey Sausage
Sweet Italian Sausage See Pork & Beef for another Italian sausage
Linguica Sausage
Linguica Sausage #2
Louisiana Sausage
Medisterpolse Sausage
Medisterpolse Sausage #2
Onion Sausage
Polish Sausage
Rapini Sausage
Sicilian Sausage
Smoked Garlic & Cheese Sausage
Spicy Chipotle & Cheese Sausage VERY HOT!
Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage  See Poultry for another Sun-Dried tomato recipe
Spanish Sausage

Tex's Hot Sausage
Thai Sausage

American Farm Style Sausage
Beef & Pork Chorizo
Bratwurst #2
Bratwurst #3
Bratwurst #4

Bratwurst #5
Bratwurst #6
Chipotle Sausage

English Bangers #1
English Bangers #3
Garlic Rosemary Sausage

Hot Sausage
Italian Sausage with Wine & Cheese
Nuernberger Rostbratwuerst
Pappy's Louisiana Hot Sausage
Pork & Beef Sausage
Rosemary Sausage
Pork & Veal Bockwurst
Vienna Sausage
Wieners #1
Wieners #2

Beef Frankfurters
Beef Sausage
Jewish Beef Sausage
Romanian Sausage
Romanian Sausage #2

Bear Sausage
Garlic Game Sausage
Moose Sausage
Rabbit Sausage
"The Deer Hunter" Sausage
Venison Sausage
Venison Sausage #2
Venison Sausage #3

A deer from Restoule Provincial Park
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Salmon Sausage
Marcus' Seafood Sausage

American Turkey Farmer Sausage
Apple Turkey Sausage
Chicken Sausage
Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato Sausage
Chicken Bratwurst
Duck Sausage
Italian Style Turkey Sausage
Thai Chicken & Turkey Sausage
Turkey Sausage

Armenian Lamb Sausage
Aussie Lamb Sausage
Lamb Sausage
Lamb Sausage #2
Moroccan Lamb Sausage
Moroccan Lamb Sausage #2Pickled Sausage

OTHER RECIPES (Using sausage)
Chaurice Sausage with Creole Sauce
Stuffed Mushrooms with Linguica
Pickled Sausage
Sausage Fingers / Balls
Tortilla Lasagna
Ziti and Sausage Bake

Pickled Sausage Recipe


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CHECK BACK SOON...more sausage making recipes to come!!!

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